The strength of any community is in its members, and this is certainly true at PS. We hold regularly social and networking events with our friends at Lightspace located just up the road. This fosters collaboration between tenants who often use each other for work when the need arises. Read some of our tenants’ stories about how they came to be in business and their thoughts on the coworking experience offered at Prospect Studios.


Lise & Sarah: Those Two Girls

What do you do?

We are a presenter and producer duo, Those Two Girls. We are event hosts, facilitators and creators. We also write, present and film skits and digital content for clients. Kinda like the female-versions of Hamish and Andy, but older and poorer.

Sounds interesting, how’d you get into that?

Like all good, modern relationships, we met online. Long story short, our similar personal and professional backgrounds meant we had so much in common and gave us the oomph to put ourselves out to the Brisbane market as an MC duo. One year later we were asked by the Brisbane City Council to be the creative ambassadors for our city (alongside the likes of Keith Urban). Now we have office space at Prospect Studios. Serious upward trajectory. Pumped.

Where do you gain inspiration?

At the moment we are writing and filming several skit videos every week for Mamamia, Australia’s largest women’s network. We love relatable, quirky humour and draw inspiration from our fave past and present comedy acts- from Fast Forward to Chris Lilley, from Kath and Kym to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

What do you like best about being in a shared space?

It’s cost-effective. It’s a cool, creative space. It’s the new way of doing business… oh, and our kids aren’t there. The end.

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Zarla The Wonderdog

What do you do?

I’m Zarla the Wonderdog, I’m a PS mascot and manager of motivational strategy in the studios.

Where do you gain your inspiration?

Mostly from digging in the garden, barking at the postman and I love chasing tennis balls. Oh, I also enjoy hanging out in the kitchen when the tenants are making lunch. It really maximises my snacking potential.

What do you think of coworking?

I love it! There’s plenty of people about to feed me all day, give me loads of pats and generally spoil me… exactly as a hard working dog’s life should be!

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John: PS + Lightspace

What do you do?

I own and manage PS and Lightspace, another venue and coworking space located just up the road.

Sounds interesting, how’d you get into that?

I’d worked in a lot of converted warehouse spaces in London and Barcelona, when I returned from Europe I was looking for a project to sink my teeth into. Our family owned the rough warehouse that eventually became Lightspace and when the tenants moved out we were wondering what to do with the space. The warehouse was very raw but had fantastic character. I knew it had a lot of potential. Since then we’ve hosted thousands of events in the venue and hosted a buzzing community of creative businesses upstairs in the studios.

What inspired you to create PS?

It’s rare to find small freestanding warehouses in the Valley with enough room for a garden. The space was just begging for something awesome to be done with it.

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Bodene: Kaizen Marketing

What do you do?

I’m the director of Kaizen Marketing, we are a small team of degree qualified, Google accredited marketing professionals who create digital marketing for business to drive their customer enquiries. We specialise in creating landing pages, Facebook ads and Google ads that systematically educate, motivate and inspire quality customer enquiry.

Sounds interesting, how’d you get into that?

I’ve always been a bit of a computer geek, I used to work in Air Force Geospatial Intelligence… I loved data analysis and digital work. Most of the skill sets I learnt in the military I still use daily.

What do you like about working from a shared space?

It’s buzzing with creative entrepreneurs who give off a great vibe and fantastic advice on all things small business. Being completely new to the business world its been wonderful getting advice from business owners and freelancers who have had successful ventures for years.

Would you recommend coworking to your friends?

Definitely! I regret not setting up here sooner, since establishing myself in PS my business and productivity has almost doubled!

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